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Pabbly Connect Manager

Eagle.cool: The Ultimate Productivity Swiss-Army Knife

Eagle.cool (I’ll be calling them Eagle in this article) is a productivity app that helps you to organize all your visual assets. With this tool, users can save, manage and export images, videos, and other types of formats at lightning speed. The intuitive interface allows for easy navigation and quick sorting through files so that…

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CrawlQ: A content generator tool like no others

In short What is CrawlQ CrawlQ is a content research and generator tool based on deep insights about your target market, audience, and your brand. It focuses on helping you to differentiate by creating value and addressing the important topics that your audience care about. What’s different about it? With any content generator tool, the…

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Spoke app vs Perfect Recall

Perfect Recall vs Spoke: Battle Of The Video Highlights

These tools are the kind of software you didn’t think you’d need, but when the moment comes, you’d wish you had it lying around. If you do regular live calls though, it’s probably a no-brainer. In short Perfect Recall allows you to record, transcribe and share highlights of your Zoom calls with your team members/clients…

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